A 3 Trip Kind Of Day, 20 Decemeber 2018

We had a lovely day at sea....

Written by December 22 2018

A 3 Trip Kind Of Day, 20 Decemeber 2018

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We had a busy day for our eco tours. Launching 3 trips on to a perfectly flat sea. it was also nice and warm today out on the ocean, and we had a lovely time cruising around in search of the Marine Big 5 as well as any other interesting animals moving through the bay. All in all, we ended up spotting 4 members of our Marine Big 5 during the day, with dolphins, sharks, seals and penguins coming out to play.

We got to see the Indian Ocean Humpback Dolphin, and although they are the rarest of all the whales and dolphins in South Africa, we are lucky enough to have a few individuals that we know frequent our bay. These dolphins have a fairly large range and will hug the coast, travelling in shallow water in search of food. We have a natural estuary running into the ocean in our bay, which attracts a lot of fish and is one of the reasons we believe the dolphins like the area so much.

We’ve also been incredibly lucky with our Bronze Whaler sights recently, and we got to see sharks on all of our tours. These Copper Sharks are a large species of requiem shark that come into the area on a seasonal basis, so we enjoy getting to see them at this time of year.

We also stopped by Dyer Island on all our tours, keeping our eyes peeled for some African Penguins sitting in between the Cape Cormorants on Dyer Island. The island is home to many different species and it quite the sight to behold, although you’re likely to get a wiff of the guano long before seeing the island.

The Cape Fur Seal colony at Geyser Rock is also a real winner at the moment, stealing our hearts with their booming puppy population. More and more little babies seem to emerge everyday, and they really are too cute for words.


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