An Oceanic Delight,29 December 2018

We had a busy day out in the bay, embarking on 5 eco tours through the area.....

Written by Jax Bath, December 30 2018

An Oceanic Delight,29 December 2018

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We had a busy day out in the bay, embarking on 5 eco tours through the area. The wind has dropped after a few days worth of blowing, and the swell was almost non existent which made for the perfect conditions to head out to sea and spot some wildlife. With the breeze being just enough to keep us cool on a hot summer’s day, we set out at 8:00 on our first tour, cruising along the sandy beaches on Die Grys and taking in the scenic backgrounds as we travelled along.

On all of our tours, we got some incredible sights of the gorgeous Bronze Whaler Shark, which has been dominating our shark cage diving scene for the last few months, growing to a length of just over 3m, these large requiem sharks are flexible in the water and a treat to get to watch as the school in front of the cage.  With shades of gold and copper as they surface, they have to be one of the prettiest shark species that we have around, so we’re always sure to not miss a stop here.

We also picked up some sea bamboo throughout the day, giving everyone on board some insight into the incredible nature of the plant and it’s importance in our eco system. We also let everyone have a taste of this large algae, which can be used in many dishes, should you apply some creativity in the kitchen.

The African Penguins of Sponge Bay was also a part of all of our tours, with us trying to point out the little guys sitting in between the Cape Cormorants, who were coming too and from the island all day. This is an indication that there may have been some fish out in the open ocean, and the presence of Terns on the water also confirmed as much.

Geyser Rock was as smelly and action packed as ever, with the pups growing up way too fast. We can see their confidence growing as they take on the world around them, and they are definitely the highlight of all our tours at the moment. The seals in the water are also a sight to take in as they engage in tomfoolery and thermoregulation in shark alley.

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