Daily Blog 09 January 2018

The swells did calm down from yesterday and...

Written by Sandra Hoerbst, January 9 2018

Daily Blog 09 January 2018

Guide Summary and Photographs

After a no sea day the swells calmed down which allowed us to launch again for another adventure at sea. The sun was shining all day and a light breeze from the south-east was blowing.

The tour started off with a cruise along the coast in the direction of deeper waters. Just as we passed on of the reefs in the area we encountered a couple of Giant petrels, gliding in the air as well busy taking off after a meal. Further we have been lucky to see a Bryde’s whale in the deep, we had a few decent looks at the whale before it changed directions and disappeared. Before we could reach the island we picked up some trash and buoy floating in the ocean. It was big buoy so we needed a few hands to get it on board, but we have managed it in the end. We arrived in Shark Alley we watched the Cape fur seals playing in the water and continued to see the African penguins on Dyer Island. Our last stop was at our sister company Marine Dynamics, where we have been fortunate to see some bronze whaler sharks.











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