Daily Trip Update, 01 October 2018

A magnificent day on the deep blue...

Written by Jax Bath, October 2 2018

Daily Trip Update, 01 October 2018

Guide Summary.

we’re heading into peak whale season in the bay, with the first of October marking the beginning of our busiest month here. Its also a great time to come whale watching, as conditions are a bit warmer for us and the babies are becoming ore and more active as the season progresses. We had a bit of a windy day today, which was awesome as the calves tend to become a little more excitable as the wind picks up. All in all, we embarked on 3 tours today, travelling straight to the shallows from the harbour and finding most of our whale action there.

We had some incredible whale sightings, with babies breaching left right and center. We even had multiple babies breaching at the same time, which made for some extraordinary whale watching, with so many pairs around the bay, it’s almost impossible to know what Southern Right Whales to look at, as they are all up to something interesting, usually as you’re observing another group. Breaching is a skill babies will learn here, and then the babies will practice, because practice makes perfect. Whales can breach for a number of reasons, such as parasite removal and communication. We also strongly believe that they will throw themselves out the water just to have a bit of fun.

In addition to the breaching, we also had the whales swimming below the boat, coming right up to us and checking us out from below. These whales sometimes surfaced right next to us, to the delight of all on board. We also got to see some Beautiful Copper Sharks hanging around Slashfin, as well as a few thousand Cape Fur Seals over at Geyser Rock. African Penguins were also spotted on all our tours today, with us travelling into Sponge Bay to check them out on their home.

Daily Snaps.

A Cape Fur Seal cooling off.

This dude was scratching his face against the rock when we pulled up.

A Southern Right cow.

Excited to head out on an adventure.

Southern Right Whale watching.

A calf giving one of those super distinctive V-shaped blows.

The calves were breaching like crazy due to today’s wind.

A little one getting ready to breach.

A Copper Shark in the shallows.

These cartilaginous fish reach a length of around 3m,

Thousands of Cape Cormorants descending on the ocean.

Pups on the pebbles.

Breaching baby.

Erupting from the surface.

Some more breaching action.

Back flip.

Free falling.

A curious calf comes up for a look.

check out the white spot on this little guy’s chin.

A Bronze Whaler surfaces.

We’ve been having some lovely Copper Shark sightings as of late!

African Penguins relaxing on dyer Island.

Sealing hanging out in Shark Alley.

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