Oh Saturday Sun…. had us seeing four out of the Marine Big 5! 4 January 2020

Written by Media, January 4 2020

Oh Saturday Sun…. had us seeing four out of the Marine Big 5! 4 January 2020

Guide Summary and Photographs

Had an amazing day out on the water today on Dreamcatcher, seeing 4 out of the Marine Big 5 on both tours.
The endangered Indian Ocean Humpback dolphins were very playful today, coming super close to our boat in the shallow water next to the beach.
And it’s always a treat seeing a school of Bronze Whaler sharks in crystal clear waters when stopping at the shark cage diving boats.
By Dyer Island we spend some time with the Cape Fur Seals in Shark Alley with 10 000 little baby seals playing around & learning how to swim.
We also got some great views of the African Penguin in between 100, 000 Cape Cormorants on the Island  and also ran into some on their way to get
some lunch on the water! All in all, another wonderful day out at sea!

Dickie Chivell

In this photo you can see the blowhole of these Indian Ocean Humpback dolphins pretty good

The distinctive Hump on their back gives these dolphins their name.

Humpback dolphins are usually found travelling together in small pods

Bronze Whaler swimming just below the surface

Double trouble

The shark cage divers enjoying our active Copper sharks

Can you spot our African Penguins in between the Cape Cormorants?

Here they are!

Nap formation

Today’s hot temperatures had lots of Cape Fur Seals cooling down in the water…..

The Cape Fur puppies love playing in the water

Giant Petrel about to take off!


Written by Media

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