The best day ever…featuring some Orca’s!

A once in a lifetime experience...

Written by Jax, April 14 2016

The best day ever…featuring some Orca’s!

Guide Summary and Photographs

“There are thousands of Common dolphins heading towards the bay, we’re leaving in 5 minutes, get down here now!” this is the phone call I received after finishing up Sunday’s eco-tour. It was just past 4:00 in the afternoon and, eager to see my first mega pod, I jumped on board Whale Whisperer with my crew, the owner of the company and the father and son who had first spotted the dolphins.

We set off towards Walker Bay, where we found the dolphins pretty quickly. It was the kind of sight that you wish you could share with everyone, the pod was easily identified by the commotion they caused on the surface of the water and within a couple of minutes, we found ourselves in the middle of it all.

Flashes of yellow and white could be seen from all angles as some of the dolphins began to bow ride. It was absolutely awesome to be so close to these beautiful creatures in their natural habitat and we thoroughly enjoyed their interaction with the boat. The dolphins however, were forgotten almost instantly when Kira uttered the word; “Orca’s”.

As all heads turned to the back of the boat, a giant dorsal fin came into view. Orca’s are not very common in the area and so it was an absolute privilege to be able to see them. Although they are also referred to as “Killer Whales”, these large marine mammals are, in fact, the largest member of the dolphin family and we were lucky enough to see them in our waters!

We watched in absolute awe as these majestic specimens swam towards the general direction of the boat. There were around 6 Orca’s in the pod and they swam adjacent to the boat for a while before disappearing for a while. Their next appearance was right next to the boat on the other side after which they swam in front of the boat, showing off their beautiful markings. They continued for several minutes before heading off to the side of the dolphin pod.

They disappeared after this and we were left with the dolphins for the next half an hour before we made our way back to the harbour. We watched the sunset over Danger point from the boat, it was the perfect trip bar the fact that we had no clients on board to share the experience with.







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