09 October 2013

The water was flat and clear today over in Pearly Beach, perfect for viewing the mating group we found...

Written by Helen, October 9 2013

09 October 2013

Guide Summary and Photographs

The water was flat and clear today over in Pearly Beach, perfect for viewing the mating group we found.  It was a larger mating group, consisting of at least six whales at all times and they were being very active, chasing the female all day long!  If that wasn’t enough action for the clients we also had one of the whales break off from the group and give us four nice breaches in row!  When got to Geyser Rock, it wasn’t just the seals we were spotting but also two little Black African Oyster Catchers, an endangered seabird species for all our bird lovers.  It’s always a great day when it’s spent on the water…

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