12 July 2013

Both trips out today managed to see two species of whales - the Southern Right's and a Humpback...

Written by Helen, July 13 2013

12 July 2013

Guide Summary and Photographs

Both trips out today managed to see two species of whales – the Southern Right’s and a Humpback! The Southern Right whales were having a lazy day, relaxing close to shore, we had one mother who kept turning on her back for us and waving!  Another Southern Right we saw today looked like it may have had some bites taken out of its fluke, but it appears to have healed perfectly. The Humpback was a change in pace, as it was breaching over and over again, at one point it was breaching literally right beside the boat! He even surprised everyone by going under the boat and breaching behind us, it was like he was playing with us!  We got to stop by our sister company – Marine Dynamics – Slashfin the shark cage diving boat, and take a look at the shark action they had going on.  It was absolutely incredible to watch the 4.5m Great White Shark nicknamed “Betty” swimming both around and under our boat! We finished the trip off by visiting the colony of Cape Fur Seals at Geyser Rock.  Kira, our fantastic wildlife spotter, managed to spot one large seal who had injuries on him most likely due to an attempted predation from a Great White! We could not have asked for a better Friday!

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