20 March 2017

The sea looked beautiful as we made our way out of the harbour this morning.

Written by Jax, March 20 2017

20 March 2017

Guide Summary and Photographs

It was a beautiful day out on Dream Catcher, with water so blue that one almost felt tempted to dive into the depths.  This is however, not what we offer on our eco tours so we stayed nice and dry in the sun, enjoying all our sightings from the comfort of our large boat.

Our first sighting of the day was none other than a little “torpedo in a tuxedo” African Penguin. We have coined this term due to their ability to move with such speed and agility under the water, despite being relatively clumsy on land. These Black and White birds are unfortunately on the endangered species list due a number of factors such as the decline in fish stocks around the South African coastline. This means that we are always grateful to see their little black and white heads bobbing on the water out there, even if just for a little bit.

Next up, we stopped by our sister company to see if we could show our clients the iconic Carcharodon carcharias, better known as the Great White Shark. We were in luck and are so glad to see that they seem to be back in full swing. Our sister company had 7 different sharks on their 2nd trip which seems to confirm this.

A Mega flock of Cape Cormorants were also out and about in the bay. This guys have a pretty distinctive smell to them which was pretty prevalent today and we spent some time watching them as they made their way to their fishing grounds.

We also picked up a piece of Sea bamboo, the most abundant kelp species that we have in the area. The kelp has an almost plastic like consistency to it and we had some fun passing it around before we made our way towards K F Seal, better known as the world famous shark alley. It won’t be too long before the sharks start to move back into this area but, for today, we simply enjoyed our time with the Cape Fur Seals. The seals are always very entertaining for our younger nature lovers although their smell leaves a lot to be desired.

After this, we took  a trip behind the island to see if there was perhaps a Brydes Whale but they lived up to their reputation and remained shy. A Windy but wonderful trip.

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