22 October 2013


Written by Helen, October 22 2013

22 October 2013

Guide Summary and Photographs

BREACH!!!! Can’t count how many times we said that today, there were mother calf pairs of Southern Right whales breaching, left right and centre!  We even had one male, who opened his mouth nice and wide in the middle of his breach, a rare sight indeed! The Southern Rights weren’t  the only ones leaving the water today, we had lots of half breaches from the Great White sharks, mostly from a well known shark, “Hotspot”, who’s infamous with our sister company, Marine Dynamics, for his active behaviour.  To add to the excitement we found a mother calf pair of Humpback whales, just behind Geyser rock, who were breaching like crazy, both together and separately.  A very exciting find as this was the first Humpback calf we’ve seen this season!  Just goes to show, you never know what to expect when out on the water…

20131022_WW_Trip1_HPattullo_IMG_0039 20131022_WW_Trip2_HPattullo_IMG_0140 20131022_WW_Trip1_HPattullo_IMG_0032 20131022_WW_Trip1_HPattullo_IMG_0041 20131022_WW_Trip2_HPattullo_IMG_0193 20131022_WW_Trip2_HPattullo_IMG_0175 20131022_WW_Trip2_HPattullo_IMG_0204 20131022_WW_Trip3_HPattullo_IMG_0319 20131022_WW_Trip3_HPattullo_IMG_0362 20131022_WW_Trip1_HPattullo_IMG_0035 20131022_WW_Trip1_HPattullo_IMG_0052 20131022_WW_Trip3_HPattullo_IMG_0488 20131022_WW_Trip3_HPattullo_IMG_0330 20131022_WW_Trip1_HPattullo_IMG_0049 20131022_WW_Trip2_HPattullo_IMG_0188 20131022_WW_Trip3_HPattullo_IMG_0327 20131022_WW_Trip3_HPattullo_IMG_0556 20131022_WW_Trip1_HPattullo_IMG_0061 20131022_WW_Trip3_HPattullo_IMG_0274 20131022_WW_Trip3_HPattullo_IMG_0379 20131022_WW_Trip3_HPattullo_IMG_0506 20131022_WW_Trip3_HPattullo_IMG_0303 20131022_WW_Trip2_HPattullo_IMG_0092 20131022_WW_Trip3_HPattullo_IMG_0490 20131022_WW_Trip3_HPattullo_IMG_0401 20131022_WW_Trip3_HPattullo_IMG_0496 20131022_WW_Trip2_HPattullo_IMG_0165 open mouth 20131022_WW_Trip3_HPattullo_IMG_0346 open mouth 20131022_WW_Trip3_HPattullo_IMG_0516 20131022_WW_Trip3_HPattullo_IMG_0308 20131022_WW_Trip2_HPattullo_IMG_0217 humpback mother calf 20131022_WW_Trip3_HPattullo_IMG_0371 20131022_WW_Trip3_HPattullo_IMG_0448 20131022_WW_Trip3_HPattullo_IMG_0398 20131022_WW_Trip3_HPattullo_IMG_0585 20131022_WW_Trip3_HPattullo_IMG_0413 20131022_WW_Trip3_HPattullo_IMG_0606

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