A Southern Right Day,17 October 2018

Another very calm start to our tours today ended in a bit of easterly wind...

Written by Judith Scott, October 18 2018

A Southern Right Day,17 October 2018

Guide Summary.

Another very calm start to our tours today ended in a bit of easterly wind, but nothing that stopped us getting out there with our whales and wildlife. On our four tours of the day we spent quality time with the many southern right whales in the bay. The first tour was particularly lucky with the sighting of an active calf, a Mum who lifted her tail out of the water and a couple of very close approaches.

On the other three tours of the day we didn’t see such active whales, but spent time watching the mother and calf whales interacting together. There seems to be some swimming practise going on in the bay at the moment, with some mothers slowing moving up and down the bay with their calves, probably starting to prepare them for that long migration south in a few weeks.

Three of the tours were lucky enough to see bronze whaler sharks today over next to Slashfin, however the last tour of the day was very lucky as Slashfin had about five sharks around them when we briefly stopped by. Three tours also got to see penguins, though one sighting was very difficult as the penguins were diving a lot. As usual the cape fur seals are usually our last stop of the tour, with big males starting to socialise more and more on the island and many seals always in the water, it is always an amazing natural world sighting.

Guide Photographs.

Southern right whale calf breach

Southern right whale mother tail

Southern right whale calf on top of mum

Southern right whale group

Southern right whale calf

Southern right whale mother and calf

Southern right whale Mum’s bonnet!

Cape fur seal

Bronze whaler shark

Cape fur seals

Cape fur seals socialising

Cape fur seals on the Prince Port

Cape fur seals

African penguin adult and juveniles

Juvenile African penguin

Southern right whale pectoral fin

Southern right whale calf spy-hop

Southern right whale calf

Southern right whales

Southern right whale mothers

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