Daily Trip 11 June 2018

A really adventurous day at sea...

Written by Will Gilmore, June 11 2018

Daily Trip 11 June 2018

Guide Summary and Photographs

A suburb day on the ocean this morning. With little wind and swell in our bay we set off on our marine Big 5 adventure. Our first sighting took a little while to find, a huge raft of very endangered African penguins. The raft took a little time to locate with the moving swell behind dyer island. Fortunately, the penguins were very comfortable in large groups making it very easy to approach them. Amazingly, just as we moved on from the penguins, a juvenile shy albatross flew past our heads, the first of four sightings of this magnificent bird. The shy albatross tends to spend most of its life at sea feed on krill and other crustaceans, only returning to offshore islands to breed and raise chicks. We spotted the albatross in deeper waters off pearly beach, so we headed to geyser rock. At geyser rock, we can always rely on out 60,000-stong cape fur seal colony to entertain us, which they most certainly did. After spending some time with the seals, a quick journey to sponge bay at dyer island and we stopped at the African penguin colony. We were able to watch two little penguins wandering up the rocks on the island and to also previously see them in the water made for an excellent day. This was not to be our last sighting as made our way back to the shallows in search of the humpback dolphins. Our guide kira found them just inside the surf, but as time went on the dolphins grew more comfortable around us, coming very close to the vessel. It was during this sighting we got a possible sighting of a whale in the deep ocean. So, we left the dolphins behind and powered out into the deep. We stayed around for a while searching for the whale to no avail, so we headed back to the harbour after an amazing trip at sea.

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