Daily Trip 12 January 2018

We could not have asked for a better day with the Marine Big 5 with two species of dolphin, again!

Written by Jax, January 12 2018

Daily Trip 12 January 2018

Guide Summary and Photographs

We could not have asked for a better day at sea.We only did one trip out on Dream Catcher today but we certainly made it count! We launched onto a perfect ocean at 11 and head towards Uilenkraalsmond where we did our daily water reading. The YSI had barely been dropped before Kira spotted our first animals today, which were none other than our Humpback Dolphins.

The dolphins were in slightly deeper water at first sight but, as we began to watch them, these endangered cetaceans started to move into the breakers which is where we usually catch sight of them. Whilst watching our Humpbacks, we had some Bottlenose Dolphins popped up in front of us. To see both species in such a short space of time is really not so common for us, so we bounced between the two species, getting our fill before making our way over The Clyde.

As we were making our way into deeper water, we were treated to the sight of hundreds of Cape Cormorants moving over the water, heading out for some fishing. This endangered species is well known for using uplift to their advantage, slip streaming each other and flying just above the waves, all in an effort to conserve a little energy. After watching them move with grace towards Pearly Beach, we spent some time in deeper water.

Here, after a couple of misses, we caught a few glimpses of the elusive Brydes Whale. The Brydes Whale are the only species we really get to see at this time of year and are usually given away by their “Blow” which can be around 4m high! Known for being a little sporadic, this whale definitely made work for a view, changing direction and making our clients do some exercise in order to catch a glimpse.

Our next stop was in the famous waters of Shark Alley, were Geyser Rock was a little pungent today due to the stagnant pools of water on the island boiling under today’s fiery sun. All the little pups were sitting close to the water, creating a dark brown buffer of cuteness between the sea and the rocky island. It won’t be long before these little babies will begin venturing into the water, where many will not make it through the first few swims. We also had some other babies around in the alley today, with hordes of young Cape Cormorants taking to the cool waters of the Atlantic and learning the ropes as they prepare to start fending for themselves. After having seen the full splendour of the islands, we made our final stop at Slashfin to see if they had a cartilaginous fish to show off.

We were in luck with us pulling up to find a Copper Shark at the boat. We got to see this copper come up a few times, which was awesome as this completed the Marine Big 5 for us today!

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