Conservation Projects

Dyer Island Cruises, in conjunction with Marine Dynamics and the Dyer Island Conservation Trust, are deeply involved with various and diverse research and conservation projects.

Written by edna, August 1 2012

Conservation Projects

The Dyer Island ecosystem is unique and fragile, and it is the priority of all of us to ensure the marine life in the area flourish and remain for many years to come.

To achieve the goals of RESEARCH, CONSERVATION and EDUCATION, the Dyer Island Conservation Trust, with the support of Dyer Island Cruises and Marine Dynamics, has key projects. African penguin conservation includes a nest project providing critical protection to the penguins during their fledgling stage. South Africa’s endemic penguin species would normally burrow into their mass deposits of guano but sadly, this was stripped by man over many decades and used for agricultural fertiliser. In 2015 the Trust opened its own rehabilitation facility in Gansbaai – the African Penguin and Seabird Sanctuary known as APSS. With a fully equipped lab and a vet on standby, injured, oiled or ill birds can immediately be treated thereby increasing their survival rate and released close to their home colony, Dyer Island.

The seas around Dyer Island have one of the densest populations of great white sharks in the world creating a rare opportunity for the marine biologists of the Dyer Island Conservation Trust to conduct invaluable research from their research vessel. With reliable sightings all year round, research activities include tagging and tracking of great white sharks, behavioural surveys, wound healing, environmental parameter monitoring as well as daily observational data that includes fin identification for population studies helping assess this vulnerable species.

Daily observational data by the marine biologists is crucial on board our trips contribute to the scientific research objectives. The Trust is affiliated with Universities worldwide and supports many studies including invaluable whale and dolphin research.

The Dyer Island Conservation Trust’s Environmental Education Programme known as DEEP works with dedicated groups of young learners and runs for three years to monitor and evaluate the impact and growth of each individual learner. These young learners are exposed to the field of science and conservation that serves as a forerunner for future skills training. Besides this, the Trust’s outreach programmes reach thousands more learners.

Marine pollution efforts include the unique fishing line bin project, monthly beach clean ups and the storm drain catchment net project. The Trust is also the first port of call for marine animal rescues in the area.

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