Whale Whisperer’s Tuesday wanderings! Marine Big 5 daily blog

Written by September 8 2020

Whale Whisperer’s Tuesday wanderings! Marine Big 5 daily blog

Whale Whisperer took to the bay with stunning conditions as the sun shone bright and the wind stayed a low breeze, we enjoyed the day on sea moving through much of the area on the look out for some marine wildlife.

Behind the Island system we were lucky to see an albatross gliding effortlessly on the slight wind whilst on the other side of the island we encounter two adult African penguins moving in a similar graceful way but through the water.

The Cape Fur seals of Geyser Rock appeared to be enjoying the sunshine as much as we were with many on the island busking in the days warmth whilst others frolicked in the clear waters of the alley.

We continued the trip with our minds set on finding one of the other Marine Big 5, perhaps a dolphin or whale and with time and patience we spotted far in the distance the tell-tale sign of a breaching whale, a very large splash! This turned out to be a Humpback whale moving quickly out of the bay, we enjoyed from a distance as this amazing animal kept its’ pace breaking every now and again to wave its pectoral fin and slap the waters surface and treat us to a surprise breach.

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