A Brilliant Brydes Whale, 27 April 2019

it was a windstill day with some beautiful sightings...

Written by Jax Bath, April 30 2019

A Brilliant Brydes Whale, 27 April 2019

Daily Snaps.

These penguins were calm and curious, coming right up to us.

The one in front is a baby blue, the namesake being the blue-ish tint of the skin.

All the little African Penguins having a look at us.

A pup giving us a look.

Tomfoolery in the water.

look at that little face.

The Prince Port, which is one of hundreds of ships that have wrecked along our coast.

A stunning Bryde’s Whale sighting.

Here you can see the whale about to arch its back and take a deep dive.

Here you can see the head of the Brydes Whale, they have 3 ridges on their head which is one of the ways that we distinguish them.

It was a perfectly still day, and this whale was so relaxed he decided to swim with us.

About to take a deep dive.

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