A Stunning Day At Sea, 31 July 2019

Beautiful seascapes and some interesting sights...

Written by Jax Bath, July 31 2019

A Stunning Day At Sea, 31 July 2019

Daily Trip.

A Great White Shark passing by at Slashfin.

The spout of a Brydes Whale, can you see the top of the head?

We identify the individual Brydes Whales using their dorsal fins.

Brydes Whales are a baleen whale species, here you can see the two blowholes at the top of the head.

A rainbow on the ocean.

Dramatic clouds over Geyser Rock.

Some Seal PDA.

African Penguins sitting on a ledge.

Some of these penguins are juveniles, with white bellies and grey feathers on top.

African Penguins enjoying the water.

A beautiful Shy Albatross above the swell.

Enjoying the Atlantic Ocean.

A Sub Antarctic Skua above the clouds.

Beautiful seascapes today.

Some Humpback Whales travelling along.

We were thrilled to catch up with these gorgeous creatures close to Danger Point.

After following one whale along, we realized that he was trying to catch up with the whale a little further ahead.

A Humpback Whale moving through the swell.

A Great White Shark coming out on its side.

The tail fin of a Great White Shark.

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