A Swell Day On The Atlantic, 21 May 2019

We had an adventurous ride on the ocean...

Written by Jax Bath, May 22 2019

A Swell Day On The Atlantic, 21 May 2019

Daily Snaps.

A seal sitting to attention.

The chaos of the surf zone.

Seals have very dramatic faces, despite their fairly relaxed demeanor.

A mega flock of Cape Cormorants heading back to Dyer island.

Enjoying the salty sea air and the waves.

A very relaxed African Penguin we found close to The Clyde.

A very cute little torpedo in a tuxedo.

Self care naps are important.

A seal giving us the beady eye after emerging from a wave, victoriously.

Something scared our seals, so they all bolted for the water.

Heading to sea.

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Jax has been guiding for Dyer Island Cruises since 2015, quickly becoming famous for the excitable shouts coming from her direction every time we see incredible wildlife (which is often!).

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