Stunning sighting of a Humpback whale!

Every day at sea is very special and today was one of those days!

Written by June 11 2019

Stunning sighting of a Humpback whale!

Trip Summary

What a beautiful day to be on sea! We started our trip searching for some humpback dolphins, unfortunately we didn’t have much luck and we headed to Slashfin to check out another species on our Marine Big 5 check list – a Great White Shark. And just as we came to our shark cage diving vessel, a beautiful male white shark made his appearance! Once we spent enough time with our shark friends, we made our way to Pearly Beach on our whale searching quest. Even though, we didn’t find any whales there we were fortunate enough to spot a beautiful Mola mola also known as a Sunfish basking in the sun and being very relaxed with us being so close. And just as we were heading to Dyer Island our crew spotted a raft of African penguins, they were a little bit shy, constantly diving so we left them be. We had some beautiful and close bird sightings including a Shy albatross and a couple of Giant petrels. As usual our visit to Geyser Rock was a blast, watching those cheeky Cape Fur seals on the rock and in the water. Just as we were making our way back to the harbour we noticed a spout in the distance, we immediately turned around and followed it. A young Humpback whale surfaced just next to Dream Catcher, giving us an incredible opportunity to see this stunning marine mammal so close! We spent a bit of time with him/her swimming around us until he/she was on its way. What an incredible and special way to finish our trip!

Daily snaps

FINtastic sighting of a great white shark named Shaun!


Run, birdie, RUN!


Kelp tasting on the board of Dream Catcher


Just smile and wave boys!


Some seals posing for us on Geyser Rock


Seal with a bit of wave action as a background


Very proud seal, or maybe just sunbathing


Cute baby seal being cute


Enjoying the sun and of course the seals


That seal was up to no good!


Sunfish doing what sunfish does best – enjoying the sun


An incredible sighting of thousands of Cape cormorants


And finally the star of today’s trip – a Humpback whale!


Coming very close to us!


Such a beautiful gentle giant!


And then coming even closer!


No words to describe how special it was!

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