A Bronze Whaler Shark And More, 10 May 2019

It was a picture perfect sea day...

Written by Jax Bath, May 10 2019

A Bronze Whaler Shark And More, 10 May 2019

Guide Summary.

The Cape Coastline meets with the Atlantic at the most southern tip of Africa, a coastline which is often referred to as the Cape Of Storms due to the severe weather we experience here. If you had joined us on today’s tour, you would never have believed this due to the incredible conditions we experienced at sea today. Turquoise water, no wind and great visibility along our island systems made for an amazing time on the ocean. we started off our tour by looking at the smaller parts of our eco system, with some Box Jellyfish hanging out in the water. We also chatted about the kelp growing along our reef systems, before heading into Sponge Bay to do some African Penguin spotting.

We got to see several penguins on the island, including some chicks sitting right on the skyline. This little ones were too cute for words and we peered at them through binoculars and long lenses alike. Young birds start off looking relatively ugly, with brown fluff eventually turning to a grey and white counter shading pattern as the babies move from the chick to juvenile stage. Eventually, the counter shading will be replaced by a smart black and white tuxedo worn by the parent birds. Once we’d had our fair share of this endangered species, we went to go and visit our seal colony.

The pups were very playful today, picking up ropes, plastic, kelp and even sea urchin shells to play with. Although entertaining to watch, it is quite sad to see that they have accepted pollution as part of their environment. We also watched as others simply enjoyed the sun on the rocks or the swell in the alley before we made our way into deeper water. We searched for some time here and took a couple of stops along the way, having a look at some Night Light Jellyfish and an algal bloom before making our way back inshore to the shark cage diving vessels.

Here, a few of us got to see a crafty seal catch a fish under the boat, and all of us were able to enjoy a lovely view of a Copper Shark before making our way back to port.

Daily Snaps.

look how cute our baby penguins are?

Can you spot the penguin on her nest?

Taking advantage of the first sea day.

You could get a better day on the ocean.

The dorsal fin of a Bronze Whaler shark, also known as a Copper Shark.

We were so excited to see this animal come up, after some time waiting.

Divers getting a nice, close view of the shark.

How cute are these little creatures, the one at the top looks like he’s nearly got his juvenile plumage.

A closer look at the little ones.

A seal wiping her face.

A little seal about to jump into a puddle.

Pups playing in the waves.

A seal playing with an urchin shell.

Seals love to play with toys.

A close look!

A group photo for the end of the tour.

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