Daily Trip Update, 26 November 2019

Written by November 26 2019

Daily Trip Update, 26 November 2019

A beautiful day out on the ocean a little swelly, which made for an ideal environment for some big 5 spotting! We started our journey by visiting our sister company, Marine Dynamics, to have a look at some of the wonderful bronze whaler sharks who had joined the cage divers for the day. After observing the school for a little while our guests got themselves settled for the journey away from the bay and into the open water.While out on the water, we were able to do our part for the marine environment by removing some discarded plastic from the ocean. A little effort still goes a long way!
After spending some time scouring our surroundings for the telltale signs of whale activity, we set a course for our resident cape fur seals who were enjoying the sunshine over at geyser rock.
Their noisy and curious antics were very symbolic of the beginning of pupping season, where the first baby cape fur seals take to the water to begin learning their way around the ebb and flow of the waters around their home.
We then took a short trip to Dyer Island to have a look for some African penguins, as well as the other marine birdlife that call it their home and were pleasantly surprised when a pair showed their faces in the open water surrounding the island as well! We then enjoyed a breezy trip back to the harbour courtesy of our dedicated skipper and his crew.

Shark in front of the cage

Our beautiful Bronze Whaler Shark

A wave and a glance

A young seal out for a swim

This little guy was super curious about the boat

Just cooling down

A few little African Penguins

A little aggregation of Penguins

A young penguin and an adult out and about

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