Saturday’s Sightings! Marine Big 5 daily blog

Written by March 8 2020

Saturday’s Sightings! Marine Big 5 daily blog

An eerie morning met the Dyer Island Cruises team and guests today as they launched onto a bay blanketed in mist, adding a different sort of beauty to the local landscape and scenery. Dream Catcher made its’ way through the Shallows before coming to a stop at our sister company Marine Dynamics to see if they were having any luck with some big fish AKA a Bronze whaler shark or a Great White shark, as luck would have it the crew and guests on board Slashfin were having a fantastic morning and we were able to join them in the joy of encountering a Great White shark. After leaving the shark cage divers to their trip we headed towards the Island system whilst keeping an eye out for any other wildlife, movement was slowed by a huge flock of Cape Cormorants that had left Dyer Island and we enjoyed the view of thousands of these birds gliding past the boat. The Island system provided us with some stunning sightings of the ever abundant Cape Fur seals, watching the energetic individuals porpoising and playing in the water and the rather relaxed individuals spending some down time on Geyser Rock. The Giant petrels of Shark Alley from previous days were still around and we had a grand total of 9 bobbing up and down on the waters surface or soaring past to enjoy.


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