Marine Big 5 Daily Blog

Written by August 9 2021

Marine Big 5 Daily Blog

After some strong winds yesterday, we still had some swell coming into the bay, but the sun was shining again, and the wind calmed down. From Kleinbaai harbour we were cruising towards Danger Point where we found a sunfish and then made our way  through deeper waters towards Dyer Island. Arrived at Geyser Rock we watched the Cape Fur seals, most were on land, but some were swimming up and down in the water next to our vessel. Shortly out of shark Alley we spotted a blow of a humpback whale, we approached it respectfully but only managed to get a glimpse of this gentle giant in between the swell. On our way back to Kleinbaai harbour we were cruising along the beautiful South African coastline.




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What species did we see today?

  • Cape Gannet
    Cape Gannet

    Well documented for their aireal displays, experiences with with the famous Cape Gannet are always breath taking, and hold a special place in every photographers portfolio.

    Cape Gannet

  • Humpback Whale
    Humpback Whale

    One of the best-known whale species, they are renowned for their acrobatic behaviour and complex melodious song as well as extremely long flippers and are a special favourite of Dyer Island Cruises guests and crew alike.

    Humpback Whale

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