Active whales, 27 September 2019

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Active whales, 27 September 2019

Today we had some more amazing encounters with Southern right whales. Although the morning started off misty, it gave a bit of a mysterious feeling to our tour. A bit of wind during the day also added to the mood and meant that the whales were particularly active, as we often notice when the wind picks up. On one of our trips we had a very active pair of whales that were repeatedly spyhopping, raising their heads out of the water and once even approaching us. On the other two trips the whales were breaching, which meant that they were leaping out of the water. At the end of the day we were even lucky to see a mother and juvenile leap out of the water together. Bronze whaler sharks were also seen on all our trips, as were the Cape fur seals and African penguins. Everyone aboard today was really happy with their marine adventure in the Dyer Island ecosystem.

Photos from today

Southern right whale with white spots on its back

Southern right whale breaching

Southern right whale breaching

Southern right whale juvenile (foreground) and adult (background)

Adult Southern right whale head

Juvenile Southern right whale head

Southern right whale tail

Southern right whale waving its pectoral fin

African penguins

Cape cormorants

Cape fur seals

Bronze whaler shark

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