Beautiful bird sightings, January 7th, 2020

Written by Dickie Chivell, January 8 2020

Beautiful bird sightings, January 7th, 2020

Whilst we truly enjoyed sightings of some of our Marine Big 5 including our Bronze Whaler sharks and Cape Fur seals on our vessel Dreamcatcher, windy was today’s theme and the kick of the choppy water always stirrs up some life. The birds were the highlight of the day with thousands of cormorants circling a bait of fish rising in the chop. Kelp gulls inbetween them lacking the ability to dive, but therefore specialize stealing their fish. It was also very nice to see that our  African penguins were able to feed in the bay for a change. The swifterns were busy with their synchronised mating flights and the Giant Petrel are looking for seals pups that wash up.

A great day out at sea for every birder and how awesome to experience the interplay of the Dyer Island ecosystem!

That dorsal fin cutting through the water!

Lots of action around the cage!

A juvenile Penguin

Is there ever too many photos of seal puppies?

Our diverse bird life on Dyer Island

Our African  Penguin in between our plentyful Cape Cormorants

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