Daily Trip Update, 6 December 2019

Written by December 6 2019

Daily Trip Update, 6 December 2019

After the mist cleared up, we launched our vessel Dream Catcher from Kleinbaai harbour. As usual we took a slow cruise passed the lagoon at Uilenkraalsmond and further along the coast to search for humpback dolphins. We have been lucky to encounter two of the dolphins traveling together alongside the boat. One of the dolphins is a well-known visitor to the bay we have encountered it in 2011 for the first time and from 2014 onwards regularly. Further along we made a stop at our sister company’s vessel Slashfin where we saw numerous bronze whaler sharks. Arrived at Dyer Island we spotted African penguins, Swift terns, various cormorant species and many more. After watching plenty of fur seals on Geyser Rock we were heading into deeper water before making the way back to Kleinbaai harbour. Seeing four out the Marine Big 5 was truly a moment we cherish!

A beautiful look at the Humpback Dolphin dorsal fin

A great look at these beautiful creatures

Shark infested waters

The clear waters provided great views of the Bronze Whalers today

Nap time!

We had a seal playing with some kelp this morning

The males on the island can get quite territorial


Just taking a dip

Having fun in the water

A few new additions to Geyser Rock

This looks like a comfy boy

We came across a raft of penguins on the water

A few of them aggregated on the boulders

Can you spot the Penguins?Sometimes we have to look hard to find them

Today they were out and about!

A cluster of them here on the beach

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