Encounters with the Marine Big 5, 05 October 2019

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Encounters with the Marine Big 5, 05 October 2019

We were back out on the water today and again our Marine Big 5 species did not disappoint. We had some very nice Southern right whale sighting throughout the day, with several different individuals that were along the coastline. Now that the Right whale season is progressing, we can see that the young whales are already growing to be very large alongside their mothers. We were very lucky on our second trip of today to have one of these pairs becoming curious and approaching close to our boat to check us out. We also got to see some breaching, both on trip two and later in the day on trip three. On the first trip in the morning we were lucky in a different way, with a rare encounter with our endangered Indian Ocean humpback dolphins. There were at least 4 individuals, including a mother and calf pair and a well known individual with a distinct mark behind its dorsal fin. On all our trips today we encountered Bronze whaler sharks together with our sister company’s shark cage diving boat Slashfin. We also had some nice views of our endangered African penguins and Cape fur seals on all trips today.

Photos from trips 1 and 2

Southern right whale surfacing close to shore in Kleinbaai

Adult and juvenile Southern right whales

Juvenile Southern right whale surfacing alongside its mother

Southern right whale rolling in the surf

A curious Southern right whale approaching us

Southern right whale head with a nice view of its callosities

Southern right whale tail

Southern right whale breaching

Indian Ocean humpback dolphin – a well known individual

Indian Ocean humpback dolphin

African penguin

Cape fur colony on Geyser rock

A curious Cape fur seal

Cape fur seal on the rock

Bronze whaler sharks with our boat Slashfin

Bronze whaler sharks

Photos from trip 3 - some awesome whale activity

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