Humpback whales and a southern right to finish, 28 August 2019

Two whale species, penguins, seals, sharks, albatross and more...

Written by August 29 2019

Humpback whales and a southern right to finish, 28 August 2019

Today's sightings

Today we had 3 marine tours out in the Dyer Island ecosystem. We had some really nice encounters with different members of the Marine Big 5. The largest of these species was the humpback whale, which we got to see on all of our tours today. In order to encounter them we ventured offshore into deeper waters where we have been seeing them fairly regularly recently. In fact, after today’s tours we have encountered humpback whales on the last 8 tours in a row. At the end of the third tour a Southern right whale also decided to pay us a visit, so some of us were lucky to see two different whale species in one tour. Our shark sightings today were mostly Bronze whaler sharks, with one sighting including three individuals together. On our second tour we also got to see a great white shark together with our sister company’s (Marine Dynamics) shark cage diving boat. We also enjoyed visiting the Cape fur seal colony at Geyser rock throughout the day, and we were lucky to spot some of our endangered African penguins, both on Dyer Island and in the water throughout the day. Our tours always include plenty of sightings of other marine life that is not on our list of the Marine Big 5. For example on the first and second tours we spotted a sunfish in the water and because we went out in deeper water today we also saw plenty of albatross and other pelagic birds.

Photos of the day

Humpback whale approaching us

Southern right whale blow

Southern right whale head

Danger point lighthouse

Cape fur seals fighting in the water

Cape fur seals going for a swim

Shy albatross soaring over the waves

Shy albatross

Cape gannet

Cape cormorants

Our crew removing rubbish from the ocean

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