Penguins, a dolphin and whales! Marine Big 5 Daily Blog

Written by April 8 2021

Penguins, a dolphin and whales! Marine Big 5 Daily Blog

Although it has been mostly overcast, we had perfect conditions to go out to sea with no wind and no swell. Out and along the coast we spotted several small groups of the endangered African penguins and a humpback dolphin traveling by itself.  In the deeper waters beyond a reef system, we found a Bryde’s whale a couple of birds flying past. Geyser Rock seemed quite empty like the past few days but there were hundreds of Cape Fur seals swimming in the waters around it and curiously looking at us as we passed them. At the shark cage diving boat we got to see a stingray before moving on towards Kleinbaai where we ended our tour with thousands of  Cape cormorants and another Bryde’s whale.


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