The Marine Big 5 On All 3 Tours, 27 July 2019

Beautiful weather and stunning sightings greeted us today....

Written by Jax Bath, July 28 2019

The Marine Big 5 On All 3 Tours, 27 July 2019

Guide Summary.

We had a fantastic day, spotting the Marine Big 5 on all of our tours which is super lucky! After a bit of an absence, we had the Indian Ocean Humpback Dolphins make a return back into the bay! This included a younger animal and we were able to get some awesome views of the Dolphins moving close to the shore and on the first tour, even jumping about!

We also had Humpback Whales on all of the tours, with this being the peak time for these animals to migrate towards the waters of Mozambique where they will have their babies and mate. We got to see a couple of unique tails throughout the day, and towards the end of it also had a fewof whales breaching.

Great White Sharks were also spotted throughout the day, with a few good looks of these misunderstood apex predators. We have been having such beautiful shark sightings recently, with a high concentration of Great Whites sticking around with the seals weaning and having to fish for themselves.

During our tours, we also spent some quality time with our bustling Cape Fur Seal colony, which is always a sight to behold! The pups are still curious as ever as we cruise by, but they’re becoming harder and harder to differentiate from the adults as they grow! Speaking of young animals,  our little penguins are also growing, with most of them boasting new, grey feathers. These little ones are born brown and fluffy, but have now moulted to their baby blue coloration.

Daily Snaps.

Can you see the Sunfish?

Humpback Whales travelling with mood skies in the background.

A closer look at the head of a Humpback Whale.

Humpback Whales reach a size of up to 15m.

A little seal checking us out.

Lots of penguins sitting in the middle of Dyer Island.

And some more penguins close to the water.

A lovely look at a Great White Shark.

Great White Sharks reach a size of over 6m!

Humpback Dolphins travelling along shore.

Summer is the dolphin furthest to the right.

Some Humpback Whale Tail.

When we see the tails of whales, it often indicated a deeper dive.

One last tail.

Choc-o-bloc on the island.

A Great White Shark giving divers a thrill.

Look at the faces of divers.

A closer look at a Humpback Dolphin.

Look at the babies face.

Look at how small the little one is.

Breach in low light!

Humpbacks have the longest flipper of any whale in the world.

Half breach from a Humpback Whale.

It’s always lovely to see Humpbacks stick their heads out like this.

Going down on a deeper dive.

This tail is covered in barnacles and barnacle scarring.

A breach in the distance.

A breathtaking sunset on the ocean.

What a fantastic day to finish off a day.

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