Sharks, dolphins, seals and more! Marine Big 5 Daily Blog

Written by November 28 2020

Sharks, dolphins, seals and more! Marine Big 5 Daily Blog

It has been another day filled with sunshine and surprises from mother nature. We took our usual route along the coast and made a quick stop at Uilenkraalmond for the estuary and immediately spotted some Indian Ocean Humpback dolphins. The group of five, three adult and two juveniles were slowly traveling in the shallow waters towards Kleinbaai. We have watched the coming up several times before heading further down the coast towards one of the shark cage diving vessels. There we saw a few Bronze Whaler sharks just below the surface with their dorsal fins sticking out of the water. On route to Pearly Beach we were extremely lucky as we spotted another species of shark, a Hammerhead shark, what a great treat which we don’t get to see a lot, it truly has been a special sightings for all of us. The shark was very calm and cruising just beneath the surface slowly towards us before making a turn and disappearing in the blue ocean. Further along the way we saw some Cape cormorants, plenty of Cape Fur seals on Geyser Rock and the endangered African penguin. We are looking forward for another trip tomorrow and can’t wait to see what wildlife we will encounter.


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