Whale of a time! Marine Big 5 daily blog

Written by September 12 2020

Whale of a time! Marine Big 5 daily blog

We were so lucky with the weather gap this morning and used to opportunity to head out to sea. Shortly after we launched from Kleinbaai harbour and just before we could reach Uilenkraalmond, Kira our spotter, spotted some Southern Right whales for us. While carefully and slowly approaching we saw 2 moms with their young ones. One female had a beautiful white blaze all over her back. A ‘white blaze’ is an irregular patch of white skin they are born with and it is permanently staying white. They are unique and help to identify individuals and only around 5% of the adults are found to have one.

We also have been able to see a shark around one of the shark cage diving boats. We stopped there for a couple of moments to get a great look at the Bronze whaler shark that kept coming up tot the surface several times. Arrived at Dyer Island we saw a couple of African penguin and plenty of Cape cormorants. Just around the corner in Shark Alley we watched the hundreds of Cape Fur seals playing in the water with each other. On our way back home, we were escorted by two Subantarctic skuas, having a closer look at all of us. We could have not asked for a better day!



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