Cool Kelp, with a touch of Sharks and Penguins |14 January 2020

Written by Dickie Chivell, January 15 2020

Cool Kelp, with a touch of Sharks and Penguins |14 January 2020

Nice day on the water with some amazing sightings. The sharks never let us down and it’s always great to see a pair of African penguins out in the deep looking for some fish. After visiting the shark boat, we usually pick up some floating kelp for everyone to pass around to feel the texture or for the curious minds, a taste. Bull Kelp is the brown seaweed you can see all along our coast and is one of the fasted growing seaweeds in the world! It’s a great indication of reef systems as it only grows on rocks and it reaches a length of about 12m. We harvest the leaves for various reasons including cattle feed, ice cream, gelatine, makeup as well as feeding the abalone at our cultivated abalone farms. Experiments have even been done on harvesting hormones from super sustainably fast-growing bull kelp and introducing it to slow-growing food stocks in poverty-stricken countries to help the food grow faster. Ended off with some curious Cape fur seals doing some people watching.

All in all, another awesome day. Come for a cruise and try some kelp!



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While Dickie is world-famous for his numerous appearances on Shark Week, he's better known locally as one of Dyer Island Cruises most knowledgeable skippers.

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