Seals and penguins with a touch of shark! Marine Big 5 daily bog

Written by March 6 2020

Seals and penguins with a touch of shark! Marine Big 5 daily bog

We took Whale Whisperer out for a spin today together with our lovely group of guests coming from Germany, The United Kingdom and Belgium. We launched from Kleinbaai harbour and made our way slowly along the coastline in the search of dolphins or any other wildlife but with none in sight we bee-lined for our sister company Marine Dynamics, who were busy finishing up with their first tour of the day. Unfortunately we did not see any sharks at our sister company so decided we would explore the bay more before revisiting on our way back to land. Heading into the deeper waters on the outskirts of the bay we ran into a wall, a wall of Cape Cormorants of course, as thousands of these birds were seen on the sea, we stopped to take in such a magnificent sight as they flew by, a seemingly continuous flow of birds. Whilst we tried our best and our guests practiced much patience we could not find anything lurking in the deeper waters so we started making our way back in the direction of Kleinbaai however on the way back was our chance to have a look at the Island system and the Giant petrels, Cape Fur seals and African penguins (both a waddle on the Island and a raft in the water). Cruising back to the harbour enjoying the sunshine and warm breeze we gave the Shallows another go to see if we could spot a shark and as luck would have it we were in the right place at the right time and our guests encounter a Great White shark! Thank you to all our guests that joined us on sea today, we hope you enjoyed your time out on Whale Whisperer with the Dyer Island Cruises team.


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