Whales, dolphins and more! Marine Big 5 Daily Blog

Written by December 26 2020

Whales, dolphins and more! Marine Big 5 Daily Blog

It is very hard to describe in word our three trips we had throughout the day. This morning started off with a very special sighting of a Bryde’s whale and her calf. What a great experience we rarely have out at sea, just behind Geyser Rock. On the second tour we had another special encounter, but this time with a pod of Bottlenose dolphins that were traveling into our area as well as four Common dolphins just off Danger Point. On the last trip of the day, we had another Bryde’s whale, this time an adult by itself traveling close to Kleinbaai into deeper waters. And before reaching Dyer Island we managed to find some of the Bottlenose dolphins again that were now heading towards Pearly Beach. On all three trips we did visit the Cape Fur seal colony on Geyser Rock as well as approached Dyer Island to see more of the African penguins and other seabirds that breed on the island and gather in this area. All three trips were very special in their own way and it will be a day we cherish for a long time.



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What species did we see today?

  • Bottlenose Dolphin
    Bottlenose Dolphin

    At present there are two recognized species of bottlenose dolphin, and in some cases, both species can be found in the same area. The two species are the common bottlenose dolphin (Tursiops truncatus), and the Indo-Pacific bottlenose dolphin (T. aduncus). In addition, there is a great deal of variation in colouration, diet and behaviour. The difference between the common bottlenose and Indo-Pacific bottlenose dolphin are subtle, but the common bottlenose dolphin generally larger and more robust with a slight darker colouration.

    Bottlenose Dolphin

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