5 Star whale watching, 26 September 2019

Today's tours received the very appropriate title of "5 star whale watching"...

Written by September 26 2019

5 Star whale watching, 26 September 2019

Today’s whale watching encounters left everyone on board speechless and with all their whale watching dreams completely fulfilled. The Southern right whales were extremely curious and playful, both towards each other and our boat. We had at least 10 whales in a small area, so at times it felt that we were surrounded by whales. They were mostly mother and juvenile pairs, but on one of our trips we even saw what appeared to be a mating group of several adults that were very active at the surface and exhaling in powerful blasts. On several occasions throughout the day the whales approached our boat and were watching us as much as we were watching them. We were even lucky to see a juvenile breaching very close to our boat, probably to call to its mother who appeared shortly after. The rest of our sightings today were just as magical, as is often the case on these kind or perfect calm and sunny days like we experienced today. The Cape fur seals on Geyser rock were as cute and playful as ever, and we even saw two seals feeding on octopus throughout the day. The calm conditions meant that we could also approach close to Dyer Island to see the endangered African penguins that nest there.  Both Bronze whaler sharks and Great white sharks were also seen today, and at one point we even saw 6 Bronze whaler sharks together! The final member of the Marine Big 5, the dolphins were also seen today on our third trip out. We were very lucky to see the endangered Indian Ocean humpback dolphins, that are not seen very often because unfortunately their numbers are very low. It was a very special moment with two mother and calf pairs that were surfacing calmly close to the shore. Perfect calm and sunny days like this one are best spent out on the water and we are very glad we could share it with our guests on board today.

Photos from today

A Southern right whale approaching us

Juvenile Southern right whale head

Mother and juvenile Southern right whales

Southern right whale tail

Southern right whale spyhopping

A very flexible Southern right whale

Mother and juvenile Southern right whales joining heads

Breaching Southern right whale

Breaching Southern right whale

Breaching Southern right whale

A surface active group of Southern right whales

Juvenile Southern right whale playing with its tail

Indian Ocean humpback dolphins

Indian Ocean humpback dolphin dorsal

Indian Ocean humpback dolphins

A cape fur seal eating an octopus

Conservation in action – removing marinen litter

A big male Cape fur seal

Cape fur seals

Cape fur seal

African penguins on Dyer Island

Bronze whaler sharks

Bank cormorant

Cape gannet

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