Marine Big 5 day, 07 October 2019

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Marine Big 5 day, 07 October 2019

Today was a Marine Big 5 day. That means that we encountered whales, dolphins, seals, penguins and sharks on all our tours. We felt very blessed to have a group of about 30 bottlenose dolphins close to shore, as the dolphins are the Marine Big 5 member that we typically encounter the least. Further along the coastline we had plenty of Southern right whales to see, and we enjoyed watching mother and juvenile pairs rolling around in the surf and interacting with each other. We paid a visit to Sponge Bay on Dyer Island to try to spot some African penguins on the rocks, but a juvenile individual that was on Geyser rock turned out to be the penguin to watch today. It was quite a nice surprise to see this penguin happily moving around between the Cape fur seals on the rock. Bronze whaler sharks were encountered all day, and we even got a sighting of a Great white shark in the morning.

Photos from today

Bottlenose dolphins in the early morning light

A great white shark

A big Southern right whale

Juvenile Southern right whale breathing

Juvenile Southern right whale playing with kelp

African penguin confronting a Cape fur seal

Bottlenose dolphin calf

A bottlenose dolphin playing with some kelp

A Cape fur seal and two bottlenose dolphins

A Cape fur seal, Bank cormorant and Kelp gull

The African penguin was still with the seals on our second trip

A raft of Cape cormorants

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